Public Information Cell

Balkumari College

Greetings from the Public Information Cell

Shiva Sapkota President
Balkumari College
Youth Red Cross Circle

Warm Greetings to all

Our organization is committed to fostering a spirit of humanitarianism and community service among the youth. We believe in the power of collective action to bring about positive change in our society. In line with these principles, we are constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations.

We believe that by combining our resources, expertise, and passion for service, we can achieve far greater results than we could alone. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need and contribute to building a better, more compassionate world.

I invite you to join us in this noble endeavor. Let us work together to create positive change and inspire others to join us in our mission.

Please let us know if you are interested in exploring this collaboration further. We would be delighted to discuss ideas and plans with you in more detail.

We look forward to the possibility of working together to make a difference.

Warm regards,


To cultivate a culture of humanitarianism, social responsibility, and active citizenship among the youth of Balkumari College through the Youth Red Cross Circle.


Empowering the youth of Balkumari College to become agents of positive change in their communities by promoting the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality through the Youth Red Cross Circle.



  • To provide educational opportunities for the youth of Balkumari College to understand and embrace humanitarian principles and values.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, and awareness campaigns on various humanitarian issues such as disaster management, health, hygiene, and community development.
  • To encourage active participation of youth in community service projects aimed at addressing local needs and challenges.
  • To collaborate with local organizations and authorities to identify and respond to pressing humanitarian needs in the community.
  • To offer training programs and skill development workshops for the members of the Youth Red Cross Circle to enhance their leadership, communication, and first aid skills.
  • To foster a culture of teamwork, empathy, and inclusivity among the members through various interactive activities and initiatives.
  • To equip the youth with knowledge and skills to effectively respond to emergencies and disasters in their communities.
  • To establish and maintain a network of trained volunteers who can provide immediate assistance during crises and disasters.
  • To promote health awareness and preventive healthcare practices among the youth and the broader community.
  • To organize health camps, blood donation drives, and awareness campaigns to address prevalent health issues and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • To advocate for the rights and dignity of vulnerable groups within the community, including refugees, migrants, and marginalized populations.
  • To raise awareness about social justice issues and promote a culture of tolerance, respect, and inclusivity among the youth.
  • To foster international understanding and solidarity by participating in global Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement initiatives and exchanges.
  • To collaborate with international organizations and partners to support humanitarian efforts on a global scale.