Research Management Cell (RMC)

Research Management Cell (RMC)


Sustainable Development of Balkumari College through Sustainable Research


BKC Research Management Cell has been working towards developing a culture of quality research in Health, Science, Management, Information Technology, Education, Hotel management and Agriculture within the BKC that could significantly contribute to formulate evidence based policies, programs and their effective implementation. BKC is moving ahead to strengthen its capacity to lead research and make it a nationally recognized research hub in the coming days.


• To encourage employees of Balkumari College doing mini research and faculty research funding by BKC, UGC and various National and International institutions.

• To do study and research on social problems and issues being encountered or likely to be encountered in future.

• To conduct programs relating to consultancy services and information to make the study and activities related to research at BKC.

• To make the platform for national and International researchers as well as students.


• Conduct Research in the Various fields relating to health, Science, Management, IT, education, Hotel Management and agriculture within the BKC.

• Provide a specific policy direction for the regulation, promotion, implementation, management and utilization of research in BKC.

• Monitor and evaluate research works related to management, Information Technology, Education, Hotel management and health , science, agriculture and make appropriate recommendations.

• Publish and publicize the research experiences and the results of research relating at the national and international levels.

• Coordinate with National researchers and research institution to carry out some part of the research in BKC if there is no facility to carry out such research within the BKC.

• To obtain information as to the study and research or works done on management, Information Technology, Education, Hotel management, health, science and related various problems appearing in the Society and give information to Society.


Dr. Guna Raj Chhetri

  Head, RMC


Notice for Faculty Members

Mini Research Notice for Faculty Members