Department of English

SN Designation Name Subject
1 Reader Jagdish Chandra Ghimire English
2 Reader   English
3 Asst. Lecturer Chetraj Regmi English
4 Asst. Lecturer Tarapati Dhakal English
5 Asst. Lecturer Sharada Khanal English
6 Asst. Lecturer Sushil Ghimire English
7 Asst. Lecturer Dr. Surakshya Shrestha English

Department of Economics

SN Designation Name Subject
1 Reader Shiliya Shrestha Economics
2 Lecturer Sita Regmi Economics
3 Lecturer  Jagadishwor Khanal Economics
4 Lecturer  Rameshwor Neupane Economics
5 Lecturer Deviraman Adhikari  Economics

Department of Nepali

SN Designation Name Subject
1 Professor   Nepali
2 Lecturer Bishworaj Lamsal Nepali
3 Asst. Lecturer Jamuna Joshi Nepali
4 Asst. Lecturer Bom Prasad Upadhyaya Nepali
5 Asst. Lecturer  Tej Prasad Poudel Nepali
6 Asst. Lecturer  Khadga Bahadur Bishokarma Nepali

Department of Management

SN Designation Name Subject
1 Reader   Business Law
2 Reader   Marketing
3 Reader  Shiva Prasad Poudel Account
4 Reader Mahesh Prasad Upadhyaya Marketing
5 Lecturer Chun Narayan Shrestha Account
6 Lecturer Rajkumar Poudel Finance
7 Lecturer Bhim Narayan Adhikari Account
8 Lecturer Guna Raj Chhetri Finance
9 Lecturer Baburam Panthi Finance
10 Lecturer Moti Prasad Dhungana Account
11 Lecturer Balanath Sigdel Account
12 Lecturer Deepak Kafle Finance
13 Asst. Lecturer Padmaraj Sapkota Marketing
14 Asst. Lecturer Balbahadur Thapa Account
15 Asst. Lecturer Ujjwal Raj Poudel Marketing
16 Asst. Lecturer  Prabina Shrestha Finance
17 Asst. Lecturer Radhika Sigdel Finance
18 Asst. Lecturer Kulchandra Pandit Finance
19 Asst. Lecturer Pranjana Shrestha(Joshi) Finance
20 Asst. Lecturer Shiva Prasad Sapkota Account

Department of Mathematics

SN Designation Name Subject
1  Professor Dr. Kalam Ahamad Khan Maths
2  Lecturer Ganga Prasad Sapkota Statistics
3 Lecturer Ramesh Khanal Maths
4  Asst. Lecturer Krishna Raj Bhattarai Maths

Department of Education

SN Designation Name Subject
1 Lecturer (PI, B.ed.) Ananta Dhungana Population
2 Asst. Lecturer Thakur Prasad Dhakal Physical
3 Lecturer Dr. Shyam Prasad Sedai ICT
4 Asst.Lecturer Bishnu Lal Shrestha Health
5 Lecturer Mahesh Kumar Gajurel Health
6 Asst. Lecturer Prakash C. Bhattarai Education
7 Asst. Lecturer Yam Prasad Poudel Education
8 Asst. Lecturer Arjun Prasad Sharma Education
9 Instructor Shree Prasad Aryal ICT
10 Instructor Shankar Ghimire ICT
11 Instructor Sunil Kumar Singh ICT
12 Instructor Nita Joshi ICT
13 Asst.Lecturer Prakash C. Bhattarai ICT
14 Instructor Manish Kumar Gupta ICT
15 Instructor Nabin Kumar Shrestha ICT
16 Asst.Lecturer Sushil Ghimire ICT

Department of Information Technology

SN Designation Name Subject
1 Instructor (HOD) Shree Prasad Aryal Computer Science
2 Asst. Lecturer Sunil Kumar Singh Computer Science
3 Instructor Nita Joshi Computer Science
4 Asst. Lecturer Shankar Ghimire Computer Science
5 Instructor Manish Kumar Gupta Computer Science
6 Instructor Nabin Kumar Shrestha Computer Science

Department of Hotel Management

SN Designation Name Subject
1 Program Incharge Prakash Pandey Hotel Management
2 Instructor Robin Sharma Hotel Management(F&B Service)
3 Instructor Pradip Neupane Hotel Management(Front office Management)
4 Instructor Surendra Adhikari Hotel Management(F.Production)
5 Instructor Shreeram Shah Hotel Management(House Keeping operation)
6 Instructor Sambhu Majhi Hotel Management(F&B Service)
7 Instructor Arjun Sharma Hotel Management(Pastry & Bakery)

Faculty of Science (Microbiology/Env.Science)

SN Designation Name Subject
1 Asst. Lecturer (PI) Anup Muni Bajracharya Microbiology
2 Reader Dr. Manoj Kumar Lal Das Botany
3 Lecturer Dipendra Adhikari  Chemistry
4 Asst. Lecturer Deepa Timsina Environment
5 Asst. Lecturer Ram Krishna Tiwari Physics
6 Asst. Lecturer Sushil Chandra Adhikari Physics
7 Asst. Lecturer Namrata Shrestha Zoology
8 Asst. Lecturer Khadananda Acharaya  Botany
9 Lecturer Khaniya Lal Gupta  Chemistry
10 Asst. Lecturer Sunil Bhandari  Microbiology
11 Asst. Lecturer Pabitra Shrestha  Microbiology
12 Asst. Lecturer Mukunda Adhikari Botany
13 Asst. Lecturer Pawan Poudel Environment