National and International Affairs

Balkumari College

Message from Coordinator

Balkumari College stands as an inspiration of academic excellence and cultural diversity, fostering relationships not only within the national boundaries but also extending its reach to the global arena. Through its commitment to educational innovation and international collaboration, Balkumari College has significant partnerships and networks, contributing to its prominence both domestically and internationally.

Nationally, Balkumari College maintains close ties with governmental bodies, educational institutions, and industry stakeholders. These connections facilitate collaborative efforts in research, curriculum development, and community engagement. The college actively participates in national conferences, seminars, and workshops, serving as a platform for knowledge exchange and scholarly discourse.

Internationally, Balkumari College has established its relationships with renowned academic institutions, fostering academic exchange programs, joint research initiatives, and cultural exchanges. These partnerships not only enrich the academic experience of students and faculty but also promote cross-cultural understanding and global citizenship. Through affiliations with international organizations and participation in global academic forums, Balkumari College contributes to the advancement of knowledge and promotes intercultural dialogue on a global scale.

Furthermore, Balkumari College recognizes the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, welcoming students and faculty from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. This ethos of diversity and openness is reflected in the college’s curriculum, extracurricular activities, and institutional policies, fostering a vibrant and dynamic learning community that celebrates cultural richness and promotes mutual respect and understanding.

In conclusion, Balkumari College’s national and international relationships serve as pillars of its academic excellence and global engagement, embodying its commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and cultural exchange in the pursuit of knowledge and societal advancement.


Our vision is to build leading hub for fostering a college culture where every individual values diversity, embraces cultural differences, and actively contributes to building a more interconnected and harmonious world through international dialogue, collaboration, and innovation, driving positive change both locally and globally.

“Council of International Affairs envisions fostering strong national and international relationships through collaboration, cultural exchange, and shared learning experiences, ultimately cultivating a global community of scholars dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding.”


The mission of Council of International Affairs is to foster strong national and international relationships, promoting cultural understanding, collaboration, and knowledge exchange to enrich the educational experience and advance global citizenship.

The Council of International Affairs of BKC is dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding, promoting global citizenship, and facilitating meaningful international exchanges within our college community. Our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity, encourages global engagement, and prepares students to thrive in an interconnected world.



  • Increase Study Abroad Opportunities: Expand the range of study abroad programs available to students by developing partnerships with universities and institutions in diverse regions around the world.
  • Improve Language Proficiency: Offer language courses and proficiency exams to students, enabling them to develop fluency in languages relevant to their academic and professional interests.
  • Enhance Intercultural Understanding: Organize cultural exchange events, workshops, and seminars to foster understanding and appreciation of different cultures among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Support International Student Services: Provide comprehensive support services for international students, including orientation programs, immigration advising, and assistance with housing and healthcare.
  • Promote Global Research Collaborations: Facilitate research partnerships between faculty members and international scholars to address global challenges and advance knowledge in various academic disciplines.
  • Increase Student Diversity: Recruit and retain a diverse student body by actively recruiting students from underrepresented regions and populations worldwide.
  • Facilitate Internship and Job Opportunities Abroad: Connect students with international internship and job opportunities, enabling them to gain valuable work experience in global organizations and industries.
  • Implement Sustainable Development Initiatives:  Promote sustainability initiatives and service-learning projects that address global environmental and social challenges, fostering a sense of global citizenship among students.
  • Expand Cross-Cultural Dialogue:  Create platforms for cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration, such as international student clubs, cultural festivals, and intercultural competency training programs.
  • Evaluate and Improve Internationalization Efforts: Regularly assess the effectiveness of internationalization efforts and initiatives through surveys, focus groups, and other evaluation methods, and use feedback to make continuous improvements


Enhance international awareness and understanding among students, faculty, and staff through cultural events, workshops, and educational programs. Foster strategic partnerships with international organizations, universities, and community groups to expand opportunities for study abroad, research collaborations, and intercultural exchanges.