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Prakash Pandey
Program In-Charge

Contact Number: 9855093132


As the Program In – Charge of the Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program, I aim to cultivate industry-ready professionals equipped with essential skills in hospitality management, customer service, and leadership. Our curriculum emphasises hands-on experience, industry internships, and innovative coursework to prepare students for success in the dynamic field of hospitality. We strive to foster a culture of excellence, creativity, and lifelong learning within our student body, ensuring they are well-prepared to excel in diverse roles within the hospitality industry of Nepal and other countries.

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The hospitality industry is one of the world’s most dynamic industries & continues to grow year after year. Balkumari College is proud to announce Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program in affiliation with Tribhuvan University, Nepal. The Bachelor of Hotel Management.

(BHM) aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the operational aspects of the hotel and hospitality industry.

BHM program first started in academic sessison 2067-2068 at Balkumari College. Balkumari College in Chitwan is the first community college to offer academic course on Hospitality management for the next generation of leaders. Industry experience combined with T.U. curriculum ensures good course content and practical training that meets industry requirement. Balkumari College administration offers a combination of inspired classroom teaching and innovative practical experience. We actively prepare students to be leaders in a global standard. 

In addition to a scientific building with comfortable classrooms & considerable physical facilities, the college consists of well-equipped HM labs, spacious library, well- managed computer lab with unlimited internet access. A center for excellence in imparting quality education, Balkumari has implemented ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System. The college has extensive links with renowned Scholars, Universities, Social Institution and Business Firms throughout the world.


The vision of a Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program at Balkumari College is to be recognized as a leading educational institution in Nepal that produces highly skilled and globally competitive professionals in the hospitality industry. This involves fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement in teaching, research, and industry engagement. Additionally, the program aims to contribute positively to the growth and sustainability of the hospitality sector by producing graduates who are equipped to meet the evolving needs and challenges of the industry.


The mission of a Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program at Balkumari College is to prepare students for successful careers in the hospitality industry by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of hotel operations, management principles, customer service skills, and industry trends. This includes practical training, theoretical knowledge, and experiential learning opportunities to develop the necessary skills and competencies required for leadership roles within the hospitality sector. 


The objectives of a Bachelor of Hotel Management program at Balkumari College typically include: 

  1. Equipping students with a strong foundation in hospitality management principles, including hotel operations, food and beverage management, front office operations, and housekeeping. 
  2. Providing practical training and hands-on experience through internships, industry projects, and experiential learning opportunities. 
  3. Developing students’ leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills necessary for effective management and customer service in the hospitality industry. 
  4. Fostering a global perspective by exposing students to diverse cultures, international hospitality trends, and best practices.
  5. Facilitating critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities to address the challenges and opportunities within the hospitality sector. 
  6. Promoting ethical and sustainable practices in hotel operations and management. 7. Preparing graduates for entry-level management positions in hotels, resorts, restaurants, event management companies, and other hospitality-related organisations.

Code of Conduct

Considering the basic requirement of the hospitality industry’s rules and regulations maintained by the college, all the students of hotel management at Balkumari College should strictly follow the rules below:

  • Students must appear in proper uniforms for lectures, which must be clean and ironed.
  • White chef coat, check pants, white apron, scarf, chef’scap and black leather shoes with laces must be worn during food preparations and baking.
  • Hair must be tucked completely under the Chef’s cap.
  • Hair length of male students must be kept short (trimmed), neat and combed.
  • All male students are to be clean shaven at all the time.
    Female students with long hair must secure their hair with a hair net.
  • Fingernails length must be kept to a minimum at all the times. No nail polish is permitted.
  • Excessive make–up, heavy perfume and colognes are not allowed.
  • Bracelets and finger rings are not permitted for both male and female students.
  • Earrings  are  not  permitted  for  male  students; fashionable earrings are not permitted for ladies.
  • Payment of fees must be prompt on time.
    Smoking, use of drugs and consumption of alcoholic
  • Drinks are prohibited.
  • Attendance marking at least 80 % is mandatory for eligibility for final examination.
  • Students are required to be present at least 5 minutes in advance for classes.
  • Every student is required to purchase a set of kitchen and service kits.
  • The use of cell phones during class is prohibited.

Facilities & Infrastructures:

  • Star hotel rated kitchen labs (Demo Kitchen, Basic Kitchen, Advance Kitchen, Bakery & Pastry Lab)
  • Well equipped training Restaurant (Basic Restaurant and Fine dining Restaurant)
  • Well furnished star hotel rated Suite Room for Housekeeping practical.
  • Standard classrooms with Projector.
  • CCTV Surveillance



  • 10+2 or Equivalent in any discipline with minimum score of 2nd Division
  • Students who have cleared XI & are waiting for XII result may also apply.

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