Bachelor of Business Studies 


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Padma Raj Sapkota
Program In-charge

Contact Number: 9855093127


To cultivate versatile and ethical business leaders equipped with global perspectives and entrepreneurial acumen, contributing to sustainable economic development and societal prosperity.


Balkumari College’s Bachelor’s in Business Studies program aims to provide a comprehensive education that integrates theoretical knowledge with practical skills, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and innovation in the field of business. Through dynamic curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, and collaborative engagement with industry partners, we endeavor to empower our students to bec


  • Ensure rigorous academic standards to impart in-depth understanding of core business principles, theories, and practices.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and intellectual curiosity among students and faculty.
  • Offer experiential learning opportunities such as internships, case studies, and simulations to develop practical business skills.
  • Provide workshops and seminars on communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving to enhance professional competencies.
  • Integrate international business perspectives into the curriculum to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the global marketplace.
  • Facilitate exchange programs and study abroad opportunities to broaden students’ cultural awareness and global outlook.
  • Nurture entrepreneurial spirit and mindset by fostering creativity, innovation, and risk-taking among students.
  • Support aspiring entrepreneurs through mentorship, incubation programs, and access to resources for startup ventures.
  • Instill ethical values, integrity, and social responsibility in future business leaders, emphasizing the importance of sustainable business practices and corporate governance.
  • Encourage active engagement in community service and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Forge strong partnerships with industry leaders, businesses, and professional associations to align curriculum with current industry trends and demands.
  • Organize guest lectures, industry visits, and networking events to facilitate industry exposure and career opportunities for students.
  • Provide comprehensive support services including career counseling, mentoring, and personal development workshops to enhance students’ holistic growth and employability.
  • Foster a supportive and inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity, encourages collaboration, and respects individual differences.

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This is a course designed by Tribhuvan University to enhance students’ conceptual, theoretical as well as practical understanding and to develop result oriented professional who are socially responsible and critical thinking. It targets at preparing managers, entrepreneurs, accountants for industries, business, firms, etc.

The    objective of BBS program of Balkumari College is to develop students into competent managers for any sector of organized activity, particularly in middle level of management. The program is based on the principle that graduates will spend a major portion of their academic life in a constantly changing environment. Therefore, the student should have an opportunity to obtain a broad knowledge of the concepts and reality-based skill underlying the operation and management of organizations.

BBS at Balkumari College, a student should be equipped to function as a middle level manager in business, industry and government, NGO, INGO and international agency. The graduate should also have a variety of career opportunities in sectors of business including entrepreneurship, self-employment and create much needed jobs for others.

The BBS programme of Balkumari College specially attempts to:

  • Equip the students with the required conceptual knowledge of business and administration to develop a general management perspective.
  • Develop required attitudes, abilities and practical skill in students which constitutes a foundation for their growth into competent and responsible business managers and entrepreneurs.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agents in the Nepalese society.
  • Develop necessary foundation for higher studies in management and thereafter take up careers in teaching, research and consultancy.

Eligibility Conditions for Admission

The students applying for admission to BBS course must have successfully completed the 10+2 program from NEB on any discipline or from any other recognized board by Tribhuvan University.

Admission Procedure

Students applying for the BBS program must fill in the application form with all details of their personal information and past academic records. The selection of students shall be based on Balkumari Management Admission Test (BMAT). The test shall be based on the GMAT and GRE format. The admission test shall be concentrated on testing verbal and quantitative ability, business and economics, logical reasoning and general awareness. There shall be altogether hundred (100) questions in the BMAT containing 20 questions in each section. Students must secure a minimum of 40 percent in the BMAT in order to qualify for the admission.

Career Prospects

Balkumari College aims at preparing students for higher level in any functional areas. They are especially involved in marketing, finance, human resource management, accounting and business together with governmental and social organization. Students on completion of the program start their career in industries, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies and variety of industrial organizations including Hotel and Tourism sector.

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