Balkumari College Administrative Staff Family Association

Balkumari College

Vision: To create a supportive and inclusive community where the families of Balkumari College administrative staff thrive, grow, and contribute positively to the college’s environment and mission.

Mission: The mission of the Balkumari College Administrative Staff Family Association is to foster connections, provide support, and facilitate opportunities for personal and professional development among the families of the administrative staff. 


  • Foster a sense of belonging and community among the families of the administrative staff through social events, gatherings, and activities.

  • Provide a support network for families, offering assistance, guidance, and resources to navigate challenges and celebrate achievements.

  • Offer opportunities for professional growth and skill enhancement through workshops, seminars, and networking events tailored to the needs and interests of family members.

  • Advocate for policies and programs that prioritize the well-being of families, including health and wellness initiatives, family-friendly policies, and access to support services.

  • Recognize and celebrate the achievements and milestones of families within the association, fostering a culture of appreciation and mutual support.

  • Develop strategies for the long-term sustainability and growth of the association, ensuring its continued relevance and effectiveness in serving the needs of its members and the college.


Message from President

Dear Students, Parents, Faculty, and Stakeholders,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you on behalf of the Balkumari College Administrative Staff Family. 

To our dear students, whether you are returning students or new faces joining our college, know that we are thrilled to have you with us. We promises to be filled with learning experiences that will shape your future and empower you to achieve your goals. Remember, our doors are always open, and our support for your academic journey knows no bounds.

To the parents entrusting us with the education and well-being of your children, I extend a heartfelt welcome. Your partnership is invaluable to us, and we are committed to fostering an environment where your child can thrive academically, socially, and personally. Rest assured that we will work tirelessly to provide the best possible educational experience for your loved ones.

To our esteemed faculty members, your dedication, expertise, and passion are the backbone of our institution. Your tireless efforts in guiding and inspiring our students do not go unnoticed, and we are grateful for the invaluable contributions you make each day. Let us continue to collaborate, innovate, and elevate the standard of excellence in education together.

Lastly, to our valued stakeholders, including alumni, college partners, and supporters, welcome. Your continued involvement and support are integral to our success as an institution. Together, we can create meaningful opportunities for our students and contribute positively to society at large.

As we embark on this academic journey together, let us embrace the spirit of unity, collaboration, and excellence. Together, we will overcome challenges, celebrate achievements, and create lasting memories that will shape the future of our college community.

Warm regards,

Thakur Acharya


College Administrative Staff Family