An old age home, also known as a retirement home or nursing home for senior citizens. Such homes are for those who are helpless, who do not have anyone to look after, who are in poor financial condition, or who are discarded by their family members. It is a residential institution specifically designed to accommodate and care for elderly parents who require assistance with activities of daily living and medical care. Being part of this society it is our responsibility to support them. So, we have decided to become part of the “FOOD  DISTRIBUTION CAMPAIGN.” 

Food for life – a basic need of human beings. On the auspicious Chaite Dashain, 4th Baishak,  2081, students, teachers, staff of the BHM department, BALKUMARI COLLEGE,  Narayangardh, located in Bharatpur Metropolitan City have arranged the “FOOD  DISTRIBUTION CAMPAIGN” for the sheltered elderly parents of the Devghat Social Welfare  Centre, who are living old phase of their life. 

The main objectives of the “FOOD DISTRIBUTION CAMPAIGN” are: 

• To help elderly people and spread education and awareness to the students about social service. 

• Social engagement, social connections, and contribute to well-being. • Being a responsible citizen. 


Briefing about the campaign 


• BHM students from 12th batch (third semester) and 13th batch (first semester) • Faculties and staff from BHM department. 

देवघाट समाज कल्याण के न्द्र वृदाआश्रम, देवघाटधाम, Tanahu is a community based non-profit old age home, established with a purpose to help elderly parents in society. 

Some glimpse during the FOOD DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM 

Distributing food to elderly parents in old age homes

At last, compassion is the highest level of education. People who contributed their lives for new  generation, the society and country during their youth time, we simply cannot discard their  contribution just because they are no longer capable of doing. It is the responsibility of the  country and every individual to join hands for providing good life to them. We are grateful to  Devghat Social Welfare Centre (देवघाट समाज कल्याण के न्द्र वृदाआश्रम, देवघाटधाम) Tanahu and Mr.  Nirmal Rana for coordinating the “Food Distribution Campaign.” Our students who helped  financially by donating pocket money in this campaign to make the event happen successful, Balkumari College administration, BHM faculties and staff for joining hands in such a noble  cause. Blessing of elderly parents always on their head.