Microbiology and Environmental Science Exhibition 2080

Date: 19th Magh, 2080
Venue: Balkumari College Premises

Introduction: The Faculty of Science at Balkumari College proudly organized the Microbiology and Environmental Science Exhibition on the 19th of Magh, 2080, at the college premises. This exhibition served as a platform for students from every academic year, ranging from first year to fourth year, to demonstrate their practical skills and innovative projects in the fields of microbiology and environmental science. Mr. Anup Muni Bajracharya, the Program Incharge of the Science Faculty, served as the exhibition coordinator.

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Diverse Range of Stalls: The exhibition featured a total of 15 different stalls, each offering unique insights into various aspects of Microbiology and Environmental Science. These stalls covered a wide array of topics, including Rapid blood tests, Global warming, Rainwater harvesting, Antibiotic resistance in chickens, Greenhouse effect, Shapes of Viruses, Microscopy of Bacteria, Acid rain, Eco-Friendly Home, Fermented Foods, Water Treatment Plant, Bacteria Anatomy, Dry-land and Wetland, Microscopic observations revealing the microscopic world of bacteria and HIV and Hepatitis Test.
  • Interactive Displays: Students demonstrated their practical skills and knowledge through interactive displays and presentations at each stall. Visitors had the opportunity to engage with the exhibits, learn about different scientific concepts, and explore potential solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Student Participation: Students from different academic years actively participated in the exhibition, showcasing their creativity and dedication to scientific inquiry. Their projects ranged from the microscopic examination of bacteria to the analysis of ecological systems and their impact on the environment.
  • Visitors from different Colleges: The exhibition attracted students from various colleges, providing them with an opportunity to learn from the projects and experiments showcased by Balkumari College students.

The Microbiology and Environmental Science Exhibition at Balkumari College was a resounding success.