First BKC Culinary Competition-2024

First BKC Culinary Competition-2024!!!

During the month of Magh, 2080. BHM Department conducted the event – 1st BKC Culinary Competition-2024!!!

  • A preliminary round was conducted on the date 2080/10/15 where 25 teams from different Schools and Colleges from Bharatpur, Gaindakot, and Kawaswoti areas participated. There were three Jury members to judge their skills and presentations from different angles. The Jury members were:
  1. MR. SUDHIR UPRETI (General Manager, Bharatpur Garden Resort, Bharatpur.)
  2. MR. YAM LAL LAMICHHANE (Executive Chef, Banbas Vilasa by Siddhartha Group of Hospitality.)
  3. MR. PRAKASH PANDEY ( SR. Food Production Instructor & Program In-Charge, BHM Department, Balkumari College.)
  • After the completion of the session, the best five teams were selected for the final round. The teams were:
  1. Balkumari College, Narayangarh,
  2. Eden Garden School, Bharatpur,
  3. Gaindakot English Secondary School, Gaindakot and
  4. Madhyabindu Multiple Campus, Kawaswoti
  5. Oxford College, Gaindakot
  • The final round was conducted on the date 2080/10/17 and the result was:
  • 1st position –  Eden Garden School, Bharatpur,
  • 2ndposition –  Madhyabindu Multiple Campus, Kawaswoti
  • 3rd position – Balkumari College, Narayangarh.
  • The program was highly appreciated by the participating Schools and Colleges. The reward ceremony was held on the Grand Food Festival-2080!!! day.


  • The event was organized by the BHM Department on the date 2080/10/19, Friday.
  • There were 11 Stalls for Grade 12(HM) and BHM students, 1 stall for BBA(TU) students, 1 stall for BBA(PU) students, 1 stall for BICTE students, 2 stalls for Science students, and 1 stall for Health students.
  • The program was very successful and every student who participated was motivated by an Activity Based Learning provided by the College.