“How to Write a Scientific Research Proposal,”

Department of Microbiology, Balkumari College in association with the Microbiologists Society, India  organized the talk program titled “How to Write a Scientific Research Proposal,”  on April 13, 2023. The program was coordinated by the Head of the Department of Microbiology, Mr. Anup Muni Bajracharya. The program aimed to provide valuable insights and information to the students and faculty members about the process of writing a scientific research proposal and securing research grants.

Esteemed speakers, Dr. Samadhan  B Dahikar, and Dr. Sarita Dahikar, from Sanjivini Arts, Commerce and Science College, Kopargaon, Maharashtra , India were invited to share their knowledge and expertise with the participants.

Dr. Samadhan Dahikar, a renowned microbiologist from India, talked about the basics of writing a proposal, including the importance of defining research objectives, selecting appropriate research methods, and designing effective research questions. He also discussed the significance of writing a clear and concise research proposal, which can increase the chances of obtaining funding for the research project.

Dr. Sarita Dahikar, who has extensive experience in securing research grants, talked about the intricacies of the grant application process. She highlighted the importance of a well-written grant proposal, which can convince funding agencies to invest in the research project.

The event was well-attended, with a total of 92 students and 15 faculty members participating in the program. During the program, the President of the Management Committee of Balkumari College, Mr. Pramod Kumar Shrestha, expressed his gratitude to the speakers duo from India. The Principal, Mr. Jagadishwar Khanal, emphasized the importance of such academic events for sharing knowledge and enhancing the learning experience of students. The Chairperson of the program, Mr. Anup Muni Bajracharya, highlighted that teaching and learning should not be confined to the curriculum and traditional classroom techniques. He stressed the importance of organizing such programs to provide students with an opportunity to learn from experts in their field and enhance their knowledge and skills.

 Overall, the talk program on “How to write a Scientific Research Proposal” was a great success. The participants gained valuable insights into the research proposal writing process and the grant application process.

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