Bachelor of Information Communication Technology Education

BICTE (Semester)

Department Contact Information

Shree Prashad Aryal
Program Incharge

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BICTE Faculty

  1. Shree Prashad Aryal
  2. Sunil Kumar
  3. Manish Gupta
  4. Nabin Kumar Shrestha



Introduction to BICTE

Welcome to semester based ICT. The college boasts of a strong faculty with diverse specialization. Our programs are constantly reviewed to maintain a vibrant curriculum that reflects the current trends and needs of the dynamic field of ICT, designed to give students flexibility to pursue one or more areas of concentration with the broad field of ICT and Computer Science according to their interest. We are particularly proud o our graduates many of whom find acceptance in the job market in Nepal and beyond. The college has a strong tradition of collaboration across disciplinary and organizational boundries, dedication too education and close tie up with industry.

Objective of the Programme

  1. To equip the students with skills required to enable them with independentyl as a computer teacher and systems specialist
  2. to equip students with knowledge and skills to enable them to manage information communication and technology infrastructure in organisation
  3. To prepare students in the field of research in ICT
  4. Facilitate the acquisition adoption and adaptation of ICT knowledge skills techniques and tools
  5. To develop graduates who are innovative and creative, who poses good problem solving skills and capable of lifelong learning.

The programme offers:

  1. Introduction of information technology
  2. Programming concept with C
  3. Object oriented programming with C++
  4. Digital logic
  5. Data structure and algorithm
  6. Microprocessor and computer organisation
  7. Web technology
  8. Operating system
  9. Database management system
  10. System analysis and design
  11. Java programming language
  12. Data communication and networks
  13. Software engineering and project management
  14. Visual programming
  15. Computer graphics
  16. e-Learning and ICT educational Pedagogy
  17. Network security
  18. Artificial intelligence in education
  19. Technology in education
  20. Educational project
  21. Network Administration

Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members having national as well as international studies
  • Well-established and fully equipped computer laboratories
  • Updated and rich library facilities to facilitate the process of teaching and learning. It has a wide range of collection of books, periodicals, videos, CD-ROMs & E-library a growing collection.


Minimum second division in +2 or equivalent.