Non-Teaching Faculties

SN Designation Name of the Staff
1 Dty. Administrator ( Library) Shova Shrestha
2 Asst. Administrator (General Administration) Chandra Kanta Poudel
3 Asst. Administrator (Examination) Sita Pandit
4 Account Officer(Account Section) Bishnu Lal Shrestha
5 Asst. Administrator (BICT /B.ED/M.B.S) Yam Prasad Poudel
6 Asst. Administrator (Library) Indira Pokhrel
7 Head. Assistant (Account Section) Rudra Bahadur Malla
8 Head. Assistant (Store & Procurement) Chet Nath Sapkota
9 Head. Assistant (Exam Section) Govinda Raj Adhikari
10 Head. Assistant ( Exam Section) Shova Shrestha (B)
11 Head. Assistant ( Office of MR, QMS, Follow up)  
12 Assistant ( Account Section)  Yogendra Piya
13 Assistant  Sabita Dahal
14 Assistant (IT ) Suresh Dawadi
15 Assistant (Science Faculty) Rohit Subedi
16  Gardener Sabitri Sharma
17 Supervisor ….
18 Driver Som Bahadur Tamang
19 Supporting Staff Ramesh Shrestha
20 Security Guard Kumar Ale
21 Electrician Krishna Bahadur Khadka
22 Supporting Staff Sita Thing
23 Supporting Staff Sita Shrestha
24 Supporting Staff Indra Bahadur Darai
25 Supporting Staff Aita Ram Darai
26 Supporting Staff Naba Raj Adhikari
27 Supporting Staff Bhim Bahadur Thing
28 Supporting Staff Thakur Prasad Acharya
29 Supporting Staff Bishnu Prasad Neupane
30 Supporting Staff Kashi Prasad Khatiwada
31 Supporting Staff Ganesh Prasad Acharya
32 Supporting Staff Dil Maya Deuja
33 Supporting Staff Rama Kanta Chalise
34 Supporting Staff Suku Maya Gurung
35 Supporting Staff Poonam Lama
36 Supporting Staff Shankar Deuja